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Compact Home Gym

Compact Home Gym – While having your own fitness hub at home is always a good idea, many of us would no doubt encounter spatial problems as to where we should best establish our personal fitness centers. There is, however, still hope for us and that’s simply by creating compact home gyms.

Many people think that home gym ownership requires buying a bigger house or renting a bigger apartment just to fit the equipment. But this is not the case. Today, there are a number of compact home gym options that provide a quality, total body workout, without taking up a lot of space. What you need is a good compact home gym that focuses on your major areas without the setup being a major pain. Depending upon the level of your workout and your already established routine, you can find a great compact gym that meets your needs with Body-Solid’s line of home gyms.

The Body-Solid Bi-Angular Gym (G10B) is the most compact and efficient home gym for a total body workout available from Body-Solid. With floor dimensions of roughly four by four and a half feet, this gym can fit almost any space you need. This model has all the basics: lat bar, straight bar, ankle strap, ab/triceps strap, and includes a Total Body Workout DVD to help you maximize your time.

Take it to the next level with the Bowflex Home Gym Series. Switch between high, mid, and low pulleys for bicep curls, triceps pull-downs, and lat work on a full-range-of-motion bar. You can work on your abs and dozens more areas with the included attachments. This setup also lets you expand your workout with the leg curl/extension station to focus on your lower body.

Rated by a leading consumer magazine as the number one home gym, the Sporzon Home Gym System Workout Station with 330LB of Resistance is one of the best buys for a compact gym. On this machine, you can tone up muscle with a complete body workout in twenty minutes. Also featuring the high, mid, and low pulley stations as well as a leg station, the additional chest press station lets you focus on either your triceps or biceps while pumping your chest.

With Body-Solid, you not only get the main gym setup, you also get tons of add-ons such as straps, ropes and harnesses to increase the focus of your workout. And don’t forget that Body-Solid offers practical items such as floor mats and cushioned grips to make your home gym that much more comfortable.

Creating compact home gyms is the most practical solution for people who are reluctant to sacrifice much space for such a purpose. And contrary to popular opinion, creating compact home gyms is most certainly a breeze ? if you take the following tips at heart.

Tip #1 A Room that Serves Multiple Purposes

Rather than tear down walls or add extensions to your house, look for a room that can serve as your home gym as well as other purposes. Most people tend to treat their living rooms as their home gyms. If you’re worried about aesthetic clashes, just make sure that the room’s fabric patterns complement the basic colors usually, black, white and chrome – of your gym equipment and you surely won’t be voted off from the Top 10 Best Designed Homes in your neighborhood.

Tip #2 Making Use of a Multi-Station Exercise Machine

Although a multi-station exercise machine is certainly more expensive than the average aerobics equipment, this will guarantee that you?ll need only a quarter of the space that you’d originally need, were you to purchase several less expensive exercise machines to make up your fitness hub.

Tip #3 Making Use of Foldable Equipment

If your house is very deficient when it comes to space, you could always purchase a foldable treadmill and yes, they do exist as this could be folded and tucked away in a box when not in use.

Tip #4 Free Weights and Other Small-Sized Exercise Apparatus

Last but not the least, you could always wave away the need to buy bulky exercise machines and simply concentrate on toning your body with regular use of free weights and other fitness gear that you can easily keep out of view when you’re done exercising.

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Compact Home Gym

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